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How Can Counselling Help You?

Possibly the most important element in having a successful counselling experience is your relationship with your counsellor. Research has shown that it is the single most important factor in helping your counselling to be effective. My first aim in working with you is to encourage a positive relationship between us by providing a secure, safe and supportive environment where problematic issues can be understood through an exploration of both conscious and unconscious feelings – feelings that are buried or difficult to access are just as important as those we are all too aware of feeling!

The Therapy Room at Palmeira Square in Hove

The Therapy Room at Palmeira Square in Hove

You may also want to explore distant past or recent past events or relationships. These often heavily influence how we approach our day-to-day life and how we find ourselves responding in our present day relationships with others.

Or you might want to explore destructive repeating behaviour patterns, specific difficult or traumatic events, a physical or mental health issue, or feelings of being stuck or feeling ‘not quite right’.

For some people, it can be simply enough to have a safe and confidential space in which to explore issues that are of concern with someone who wants to understand and facilitate personal growth.

Whatever issues you want to work on you will find your counselling sessions to be a place where you can explore and understand your thoughts and feelings, and where you will be supported to work towards making any changes you decide need to happen.