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Counselling in Brighton and Hove

Experienced counsellor working with adults and young people in Brighton and Hove.
Also offers clinical supervision.

Brighton and Hove counselling service

Welcome to Counselling4Brighton. This is the home of Brighton and Hove counsellor Shelley Holland. With 22 years of experience working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, you are in safe hands. I offer short-term and long-term counselling and clinical supervision. I own and work from the Palmeira Practice in Central Hove, a counselling and psychotherapy practice with dedicated, quiet and safe consulting rooms near First Avenue, Hove.

I work in both an integrative and holistic way. This means that I combine key therapeutic approaches to provide the best fit for the person I'm working with. It also means I consider the whole person when working therapeutically, and not just the 'issue'.

I have worked with both adults and young people from all walks of life who have come to counselling with a wide range of difficulties and issues, such as:

Shelley Holland - Brighton Counsellor

Shelley Holland - Brighton Counsellor

  • Difficult relationships, both past and present, including toxic relationships and mother-daughter relationships.

  • Trauma, either experienced in childhood or as an adult.

  • Repeating patterns of behaviour, or feeling 'stuck' in a relationship with another person.

  • Managing difficult feelings - anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, depression, isolation and loneliness.

  • Issues specific to young people aged 15-30.

  • Issues of loss and bereavement, including divorce, separation, redundancy, and pet bereavement support.

  • Identity issues: self-esteem, confidence, sexuality, race, spirituality.

  • Harmful behaviours: Self-harm, disordered eating, suicidal feelings.

  • Feeling a lack of purpose or direction in life, or of 'not feeling quite right'.

Why counselling

We all need help at times of crises or change. It’s been shown that talking therapies like counselling can help you feel better and improve your outlook on life. My aim in working with you is to enable you to find:

  • A greater understanding of yourself

  • A better understanding of other people

  • Reasons to feel confident and positive about your future

  • Ways to enjoy life, rather than just endure it

  • A less critical or destructive relationship with yourself

  • An improved ability to make and maintain healthy relationships with others

  • More pleasure in your work and creative outlets

  • Helpful strategies for managing anxiety, stress and difficult relationships

  • Ways to feel more spontaneous and fun-loving

Together, we can take the worry out of life. I look forward to meeting with you.


As featured in...

Shelley is a prominent commentator and expert in the field of mental health, and has been featured in publications such as The Guardian.

Shelley is a prominent commentator and expert in the field of mental health, and has been featured in publications such as The Guardian.

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